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Back pain and back problems are common in our animals, especially horses, ponies and dogs. A regular back check is a good precaution, especially if the horse, pony or dog is involved in sporting or working activity or if there are issues with movement or posture.

Despite the relief and welfare benefits brought by this gentle and effective treatment, many animals are denied the benefit because of scepticism. It is often said that moving bones in a horse's skeleton, for instance, is impossible. That may be an understandable belief, before seeing veterinary chiropractic manipulation and back treatment in action. The best way to allay doubts is to observe and to witness the results. In all science, it is always wise to suspend disbelief and observe meticulously, before drawing conclusions. Not only the immediate change in alignment can be observed; the change in demeanour from reduction of back pain is usually immediately obvious, too.

It must be said, however, that it is not the operator (vet chiropractor, therapist) who does the moving. It is the patient. As in so many of the so-called 'alternative' therapies, the stimulus is applied, the body responds. The chiropractic stimulus should be gentle and subtle, but very rapidly applied.

The hand action is to apply a signal giving information on direction of movement, followed by a recoiling and twisting action, as the very sudden, gentle but definite stimulus is applied. This action is the trigger for the body to do its corrective work. It is not itself the impelling force.

If we had to judge how much to move a bone and how hard to hit it, we would be wrong more often than not. Happily, we only need to apply a stimulus (trigger) and the body is equipped to perform the necessary 'adjustment' effectively and accurately. It is possible that the chiropractic movement also breaks down muscle spasm, allowing correction of the misalignment.

The fact that the body does the 'adjustment' means that no more strength is required for horses and farm animals than for dogs, cats or other small species. It also means that such back treatment is non-traumatic.

N.B.: We do not perform animal chiropractic manipulation under sedation or anaesthetic, since we would thereby lose the body's natural protection of muscle tone and reaction. This can lead to muscle, joint, ligament or bone damage. Furthermore, it prevents the patient from responding normally.

In some cases, other therapies may be integrated with veterinary chiropractic manipulation (e.g.
Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, LASER), in order to obtain more general healing of deep-seated problems.

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