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Horse Skeleton (1898)

Whether during the consultation and examination at the AVMC or during the visit to the patient's home, each patient has a full back check, including face, neck, head, pelvis and tail. This is done whether or not a back problem or back pain has been reported. We find that the face, jaw apparatus and tail are integral parts of the axial skeleton and correct alignment and function in these areas is just as vital to correct body function as is the alignment of the rest of the spine and skeleton, so they receive equal attention.

When misalignments are found, correction of these by chiropractic manipulation is offered.

A majority of those requiring attention show some degree of pelvic misalignment.

In the case of horses and ponies, we check the fit of the saddle and foot balance (shoeing alignment). A roller may also cause problems. It is not logical to correct back problems and then not to check the daily influences that may immediately cause problems again. We recommend that horses have a very quiet 24 - 48 hours, after treatment. Walking in-hand is good exercise, during this period. While we can perform manipulation on the eve of a race or other sporting challenge, it is recommended that there should be at least a 48-hour gap.

In the case of dogs, we recommend that they have a quiet 24 - 48 hours after back treatment, insofar as that is possible. Lead-walking is good exercise, preferably using a harness rather than a collar.

If a patient has been 'wrong' for a considerable period or has suffered a severe injury, more than one vet chiropractic treatment may be required to restore normal function.

[Occasionally, a client who observes the immediate benefit in the animal patient will ask if we can help his or her own back problem, which we are willing to attempt, in order to be helpful, without any promises or claims to skills we do not have.]

Terminology: sometimes, terminology can be confusing. Bones can be described as 'out', when describing the process of chiropractic. What is indicated by this is that a misalignment has been detected. The word means 'out of line', not 'out of joint'.

We offer online video consultations for homeopathic or other holistic medical treatment for those who are too distant to travel, who live abroad or who cannot travel to us for other reasons (UK & worldwide). This service is also available for horses. Of course, hands-on treatments, such as Acupuncture, Chiropractic Manipulation and LASER cannot be done in this way.

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